2017 Open Gym schedule

Here is the open gym schedule for 2017.  Please check our Facebook site for up to date info on open gyms....

Fri 1/66:30-8:30pm8UBoro Gym
Sat 1/79:00-10:00amSpecial Event (TBD)MS Gym (7/8)
Sat 1/710:00-11:00am10U/12UMS Gym (7/8)
Sat 1/711:00am-NoonPitching/CatchingMS Gym (7/8)
Fri 1/136:30-8:30pm10UBoro Gym
Sat 1/149:00-10:00amPitching/CatchingMS Gym (7/8)
Sat 1/1410:00-11:00amSpecial Event (TBD)MS Gym (7/8)
Sat 1/1411:00am-Noon12U/14U/18UMS Gym (7/8)
Sat 1/219:00-10:00am14U/18UMS Gym (7/8)
Sat 1/2110:00-11:00amPitching/CatchingMS Gym (7/8)
Sat 1/2111:00am-Noon8U/10UMS Gym (7/8)
Fri 1/276:30-8:30pm12UBoro Gym
Sat 1/289:00-10:00am8U/10UMS Gym (7/8)
Sat 1/2810:00-11:00amSpecial Event (TBD)MS Gym (7/8)
Sat 1/2811:00am-NoonPitching/CatchingMS Gym (7/8)
Fri 2/36:30-8:30pm8UBoro Gym
Sat 2/49:00-10:00am12UMS Gym (7/8)
Sat 2/410:00-11:00amPitching/CatchingMS Gym (7/8)
Sat 2/411:00am-Noon14U/18UMS Gym (7/8)
Fri 2/106:30-8:30pm8U/10U Dodgeball!Boro Gym
Sat 2/119:00-10:00amSpecial Event (TBD)MS Gym (5/6)
Sat 2/1110:00-11:00amPitching/CatchingMS Gym (5/6)
Sat 2/1110:00-11:00am8UMS Gym (7/8)
Sat 2/1111:00am-Noon10U/12UMS Gym (5/6)
Sat 2/1111:00am-Noon14U/18UMS Gym (7/8)
Fri 2/176:30-8:30pm10UBoro Gym
Tue 2/216:00-8:00pm8UMS Gym (7/8)
Fri 2/246:30-8:30pm12U Dodgeball!Boro Gym
Tue 2/286:00-8:00pm12UMS Gym (7/8)
Thu 3/26:00-7:00pm10UMS Gym (7/8)
Thu 3/27:00-8:00pmPitching/CatchingMS Gym (7/8)
Fri 3/36:30-8:30pm8UBoro Gym
Mon 3/66:00-7:00pmSpecial Event (TBD)MS Gym (7/8)
Mon 3/67:00-8:00pmPitching/CatchingMS Gym (7/8)
Sat 3/119:00-10:00amSpecial Event (TBD)MS Gym (5/6)
Sat 3/1110:00-11:00am14U/18UMS Gym (5/6)
Sat 3/1110:00-11:00am12UMS Gym (7/8)
Sat 3/1111:00am-NoonPitching/CatchingMS Gym (5/6)
Sat 3/1111:00am-Noon10UMS Gym (7/8)
Sat 3/179:00-10:00amSpecial Event (TBD)MS Gym (5/6)
Sat 3/1710:00-11:00am14U/18UMS Gym (5/6)
Sat 3/1710:00-11:00am10UMS Gym (7/8)
Sat 3/1711:00am-NoonPitching/CatchingMS Gym (5/6)
Sat 3/1711:00am-Noon8UMS Gym (7/8)
Fri 3/246:30-8:30pm12UBoro Gym

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