31 Fundraiser sale...

Jen Schroeder (aka 10UB1 Coach, aka Kylie's Mom) has generously volunteered to launch a "31" fundraiser which will donate all profits thru 4/20 to the FGSA.
Per Jen...
The website is located here...
Once you get to the web site you can click on My Parties and then click on FGSA fundraiser. You can go online to look anytime. My profits from this fundraiser will go to FGSA. If you have any questions you may PM me or call me at 610-223-8413.
Thirty-one products make great Mother's Day gifts, birthday, bridal shower, and baby shower gifts:)
Aprils' special is for every $35 you spend you can purchase a Pro Duffle bag for $25 or a Jr. Rec Duffle bag for $10.
Bags come in the following patterns/colors: camo, Black cross pop, red, pink lotsa dots, and turquoise cross pop.
You can ICON you bag for $7 (regularly $10).  ICONS are softball/baseball, basketball, butterfly, crown, flower, football, golf, headphones, megaphone, music note, soccer ball, tennis, volleyball, bicycle, stars, and paw print!!!  You can also put a name or saying with the ICON or without.
I hope to have order forms and catalogs at Saturday's Open Gym. Note: the bags for the special this month are not in the regular catalog, you can view them online. I also have them to show anyone, so if you would like me to bring them to a team practice I can.
Any questions please call me at 610-944-0711 or 610-223-8413.
Once practice schedules are made, Monica and I will be around to show the bags off. I also will have the bags that are on special this month and other Thirty-One bags at the meeting next week and I can take orders at that time too.
Happy shopping!!!  Taking orders until Saturday April 20th. If you choose to order via paper form please hand orders to your Head Coach.


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