Coaches vs Kids Deadline Approaching


Very quick reminder that we need ALL names of players for the Coaches VS Kids as well as where a parent/guardian/older brother-sister will be helping. We want to get the names in the programs!

If you are a coach and will be playing -- please tag myself and Chris (or email us both).  We also need many more volunteers as well as 5 more sponsors - $100.00 apiece.

Below is the list of names I have so far for help with volunteering:

Parent(s): Kris Bartosh -- can you help with concession stand 11-12)
Nicole Witman Pelehowski -- 11-12 concession stand)
Anne Rambish Lazar -- Set up of concession stand and set up of event)
Terry Hegedus -- Playing with coaches and helping with field events
Karen Baldwin Fell -- Gift Basket Table -- 11-12
Nichole Henn -- Gift Basket Table 11-12
Cheryl Brattley -- Working on schedule
Sue Kurzweg Kantner -- Not decided 
Julianne Kessler -- Set up of gift baskets and events
Bonnie Sellers -- (?)
Christina Lantka Miller -- (?)
Jennifer Huyett Schroeder -- Playing with coaches and helping with field events
Christian Malinowski -- Coach of the Coaches (YAY!)

Kids Names Who I Have Playing:

Emilie Bartosh (12U)
Ashley Pelehowski (12U)
Steph Hegedus (14U)
Kaylee Fell (10U)
Kaylee Tilotta (12U)
Aliyah Tilotta (10U)
Alison Brattley (14U)
Emily Kanter (14U)
McKenna Kessler (14U)
Melanie Sellers (14U)
Mackenzie Miller (12U)
Kylie Schroder (10U)
Jolie Malinowski (14U)
Megahn Brattley (12U)


Gretchen Manmiller

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