FGSA Newletter for 11/29/15 - Open Gym schedule and more



There's good news and bad news.  The bad news is, the Middle School gyms weren't available as often as they were in previous years.  The good news is, we secured a number of dates at the Boro Hall gym to make up for it.  We're going to mix things up this year.  That means you'll have to pay close attention to the schedule each week.  Here's what we have...As always, we'll need any and all coaches and helpers to run the open gyms.  I will also need a parent or 2 to sit at the desk and collect registration info and hand out lotto calendars.  I'd like to do this at both the Middle School AND the Boro Hall events.


For parents of girls who played this past Fall, you have just a few more days to make your opinion heard.  I will start compiling the results in December.  So far we've heard from (55) people.  I suppose that's a reasonable response rate for (80) total girls, but I'm still surprised anyone would NOT complete it.
> 12UA will use 2 umpires
> 12UA, 12UB, 10UA and 10UB will *all* have a 6 run/inning limit.
> 10UA and 10UB will allow runners to leave on release (to be consistent at all levels 10U and up)
> 10UB will use the same rules that were used for 10U-Fall
> Spring season earliest game date = 4/02, end by 5/28 (play-off week TBD)
> Summer season earliest game date = 6/13, end by 8/06 (play-offs TBD)
> Fall season earliest game date = 8/27, end by 10/22 (play-offs TBD)
Over the next few weeks, the FGSA Board will be formulating a proposed budget for 2016 that will be unveiled at the December monthly meeting (Thu 12/10).  If there are things you feel that we should be spending our money on (or things you think we shouldn't be), please let us know ASAP.
Joe Calamita has been in discussions with the school about the installation of a batting cage for the 5th/6th Grade gym.  This can happen if FGSA is willing to fund half of the cost of the materials and professional installation.  The agreement would be that the cage is for Middle School Softball and Baseball only AND FGSA.  This would seem to be a great tool for us since it would allow our girls to hit game-speed pitching indoors during the off-season and be able to hit the ground running as we roll into outdoor practices.  It would also give us an alternative to still take BP when rain would otherwise wash out practice.

The cost to FGSA would be $3500, which we will be putting into the proposed 2016 budget.
Gretchen Manmiller had announced after 2015's event that it would be her last year spearheading these efforts.  Fortunately, Mary Templin has agreed to pick up the slack and make sure FGSA's most impressive annual tradition continues on.  Thank you, Mary!
As most of you are aware, I'm really hoping to go with a nicer jersey for our 15U girls for the Summer of 2016.  I've been exchanging some emails with a company that makes customizable jerseys.  (I found this place through suggestion from our very own Mackenzie Hart... Thank you, Turtle!!!)
The first design below was 100% customized based on a suggestion from Makayla Calamita.  I simply asked, "Can you come up with something that looks like a paw has made a tear through the front of the jersey with our team name revealed behind it."  I had no idea how they would interpret that request, but this is what they came up with.  I think it looks pretty cool!
It sounds like the cost would be about $60 per jersey.  My hope was to have the girls' last names put on the back as well (which is only $5 more).  Is that a cost people are willing to swallow?  That's to be determined.
The additional cost of these jerseys is NOT in the registration fees.  The way we ended the discussion at the last monthly meeting was that the 15U teams would do something to raise the money to purchase these jerseys IF this is what we decide to do.  Since they don't play until summer, there is plenty of time to work out the logistics of what we purchase and how it gets paid for.
Since each player would have to fund raise or flat-out purchase their own jersey, it's also possible that ONE of our 15U teams could purchase the "nicer" jerseys and the other sticks to the traditional FGSA lame-o jerseys if that's what each team decides to do.

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