FGSA News for February 18th


If you still haven't registered for FGSA, it is never too late!  We don't turn anyone away no matter how late.
Also, please note that the FGSA has a long standing policy that all girls will be given the chance to play regardless of ability to pay.  If the reason you haven't registered is because of cost, please contact me.
If your daughter has friends who might be interested in joining FGSA please spread the word!




The next Open Gym is this Saturday, 2/21.  Here's the schedule...
6U, 8U and 10U – 8am till 9:30am in the 5/6 gym of the Fleetwood Middle School
Pitchers & Catchers (all ages)-9:30am to 10:30am in the 5/6 gym of the Fleetwood Middle School
12U - 10:30am till noon in the 7/8 gym of the Fleetwood Middle School
15U - 10:30am till noon in the 5/6 gym of the Fleetwood Middle School
There is NO "extra" Hitting-in-the-Cage in the HS Auxiliary Gym scheduled for this week.
As always, I'd appreciate some help at the front desk.  :-)
Please make sure your daughter is signing in at the front desk at each open gym.  (Last week I didn't get the desk set up until right at 8am, so I don't know if some of the 6U/8U/10U kids missed signing in.)  The sign in sheet also shows your attendance at previous open gyms so you can check if you got "credit" for being there.
The following girls are still alive for the "perfect attendance" prize...
8U (2): Sienna Geschwindt, Morgan Koehler
10U (2): Kaley Cromer, Alexis Templin
12U (5): Abigail Geschwindt, Alexia Moliatu, Ashley Pelehowski, Bret Spayd, Amaris Torres
15U (10): Makayla Calamita, Chaera Frederick, Emily Kantner, McKenna Kessler, Anna Koehle, Hannah Kutz, Carlen Lazar, Jolie Malinowski, Kamille Orth and Lydia Santiago
The school double-booked us with a Volleyball tournament on Sat 3/07.  So Open Gym for that day will be canceled.  There are just (5) more Open Gym dates left: 2/21, 2/28, 3/14, 3/21 and 3/28.
Kutztown is hosting a 14U Class B tournament on 7/18 & 7/19 that we will likely register FGSA to attend. We would likely send just 1 team, but if there is enough participation we could send 2. This could also mean try-outs if there is more than enough for 1 team, but not enough for 2.


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