FGSA News for May 18th

DO NOT PARK IN THE GRASS NEXT TO THE CONCESSION STAND!  We have received a complaint from the township that we are killing the grass in that area by continuing to park there.  In fact, this afternoon township workers were there attempting to making repairs.  I'm actually not sure the areas they feel are damaged were caused by us, but regardless, we aren't supposed to be parking there.  ALL parking for Softball related activities should be done beyond the left-field fence.  Please do not jeopardize our use of the field by using that area.
8U-Red: (No games this week)
8U-Black (HOME, Willow Creek): Thu 5/21, 6:15pm, Schuylkill Valley-ARich @ Fleetwood 8U-Black
8U-Black: Wed 5/27, 6:15pm, Fleetwood 8U-Black @ Brandywine
10UB (HOME, Fleetwood HS): Thu 5/21, 6:15pm, Twin Valley (3-4) @ Fleetwood 10UB (8-1)
10UB: Fri 5/22, 6:15pm, Fleetwood 10UB (8-1) @ Brandywine (5-1-1)
10UA (HOME, BFC): Tue 5/19, 6:15pm, Hamburg-White @ Fleetwood 10UA (6-1)
10UA (HOME, BFC): Thu 5/21, 7:00pm, Kempton @ Fleetwood 10UA (6-1)
10UA: Fri 5/22, 6:15pm, Fleetwood 10UA (6-1) @ Exeter
10UA (HOME, BFC): Sat 5/23, 2:00pm, Exeter @ Fleetwood 10UA (6-1) **Last regular season game of the year**
12UB (HOME, BFC): Tue 5/26, 6:15pm, Exeter-Blue (9-2) @ Fleetwood 12UB (5-3-2)
12UB: Wed 5/27, 6:15pm, Fleetwood 12UB (5-3-2) @ Oley-White (2-4-1) **Last regular season game of the year**
12UA (HOME, BFC): Fri 5/22, 7:00pm, Liberty-Blue @ Fleetwood 12UA
12UA: Wed 5/27, 6:15pm, Fleetwood 12UA @ Reading **Last regular season game of the year**

If you haven't voted yet today, get out there are place your vote for former FGSA Secretary, RICHARD KASKEY, for School Board.

And, of course, make sure you place your vote for CARL WESTON for Township Supervisor.

Up to 16 families and 72 tickets!  You can still jump in to come to this event at any time.  The Reading Phillies are happy to take our money at any time, so there isn't a deadline.

Those who have already responded that you plan to attend are free to change your # of tickets up or down up until the day of the event.
Again, the date is 6/11.  $24/person, and includes tickets, all-you-can-eat buffet, fireworks after the game, and the girls on the field in uniform with the Phillies players during the National Anthem, and access to the pool throughout the game.

You don't need to pay right away. 
Here's who I have on the list...
Makayla Calamita (3)
Kaylee Fell (11)
Chaera Frederick (5)
Abigail & Sienna Geschwindt (4)
Steph Hegedus (2)
Kelsey & Paige Hemmig (8)
Emily Kantner (5)
Morgan Koehler (3)
Carlen Lazar (4)
Jolie Malinowski (4) - PAID
Tori Manmiller (3)
Emily Miller (2)
Alison Morehart (4)
Ashley Pelehowski (5) - PAID
Regan Prechtl (6)
Isabelle Santangelo (3)

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