FGSA News for September 24th

Come one, come all for the greatest event of the year!  Lots of great gift baskets to raffle off, and lots of fun to be had on the field.  The day has finally arrived.  The weather looks like it will be good, so Saturday, 9/26 will be the day.  Coaches and kids should start arriving around 11am where we will have some fun field events for those who are there that early.  Everyone will start to get lined-up with names being announced around 11:50am, so spectators can arrive around11:45am.  The concession stand will be open for the entire event.  The entire event will run until 3-ish, so if you can't be there by noon, you should still come if only to check out the amazing assortment of gift baskets being raffled off!  (And to see your favorite coaches batting left-handed.)
Fri 9/25, 7:00pm, Liberty-Blue 12U @ Fleetwood 12U-Black (BLANDON FIRE CO)
Fri 9/25, 5:30pm, Fleetwood 15U-Black @ Orwigsburg 15U
Sat 9/26, 7:00pm, Kempton-White 12U @ Fleetwood 12U-Black (BLANDON FIRE CO)
Sun 9/27, 4:30pm, Exeter 10U @ Fleetwood 10U-Black (BLANDON FIRE CO)
Sun 9/27, 7:00pm, Fleetwood 15U-Red @ Fleetwood 15U-Black (BLANDON FIRE CO)
Sun 9/27, 12:30pm, Fleetwood 12U-Black @ Exeter-White 12U
Sun 9/27, 3:00pm, Fleetwood 8U @ Exeter 8U
Mon 9/28, 7:00pm, MTAA 15U @ Fleetwood 15U-Black (BLANDON FIRE CO)
Tue 9/29, 6:15pm, Reading 12U @ Fleetwood 12U-Red (BLANDON FIRE CO)
Wed 9/30, 6:00pm, Kempton 15U @ Fleetwood 15U-Red (BLANDON FIRE CO)
Thu 10/01, 6:00pm, Orwigsburg 15U @ Fleetwood 15U-Black (BLANDON FIRE CO)
Fri 10/02, 7:00pm, Kempton 10U @ Fleetwood 10U-Red (BLANDON FIRE CO)
FGSA will be taking part in the Fleetwood Homecoming Parade for the 2nd year in a row. The girls had a blast with this last year, so we're doing it again. All girls are invited to attend of all ages, and should come dressed in their Fleetwood jerseys or Spiritwear. Parents may march in the parade with us as well (as long as you wear your Fleetwood red!)

The parade begins at 5:30pm. Everyone should show up by 5:00pm to get ready to throw candy!

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