FGSA News for the Week of 1/19

OPEN GYM, WEEK #7 = FRI 1/22 & SAT 1/23


Fri 1/22 - Fleetwood Boro

6pm-7pm ... 15U (Kevin Manmiller is in charge this week!)
7pm-8pm ... 12U

Sat 1/23 - Fleetwood Middle School

9am-10:30am (7th/8th Grade Gym) - 6U
10am-11am (5th/6th Grade Gym) -  Pitching/Catching (10U/12U/15U)
10:30am-noon (7th/8th Grade Gym) - 8U
11am-Noon (5th/6th Grade Gym) -10U

Coaches/Helpers, I trust that you will work together with the other coaches/helpers in the age group you've been working in and (1) make sure someone will be there to lead these efforts, and (2) make sure that there's a game-plan for the practice.

Parents, If you feel at any point that these practices are disorganized and coaches are showing up without seeming like they have a plan, please let me know.  I will keep it confidential.


I need a volunteer parent or 2 to sit at the entrance of the gym, and receive registration forms, and hand out Lotto calendars.


REMINDER:  If you haven't registered your child for the Spring/Summer softball season, you can do so at any of the open Gyms.  



It appears there's a pretty good chance that we get a lot of snow starting sometime on Friday and going into Saturday.  Please check your emails before you leave for Open Gyms.  I will email the masses if anything is going to be canceled.




There is a volleyball tournament scheduled in both gyms all day on 2/20, not 2/27, as we were originally told. The end result is:

Everything planned for Fri 2/19 at the Boro Hall, and Sat 2/20 at the Middle School will happen on Fri 2/26 and Sat 2/27 instead.

And everything planned for Fri 2/26 at the Boro Hall will now be on Fri 2/19.

Attached is the revised schedule for the rest of the Open Gyms...



We need a volunteer to go through all of the 6 or 7 first aid kits.  We need all of the junk cleaned out, and then have them all restocked with band-aids, ice packs, etc.  You can either buy everything that is needed yourself and FGSA will reimburse you, or we can give you funds up-front.  Whichever is easier.




We need a volunteer to watch the evening PA Lottery # in April and May, and contact the seller whenever there is a winner to find out where the check should be mailed to.

FGSA GOLF OUTING = SAT 8/20 @ 1:15pm


Saturday 8/20 has been chosen for the 3rd Annual FGSA Golf Tournament. (1:15pm start time at Rich Maiden.)  Anyone and everyone is invited. Feel free to invite your friends. The more the merrier!  Keith Santangelo will provide more details as the event draws closer.  In the mean-time MARK YOUR CALENDARS!





The Coaches vs. Kids event is a wonderful event that FGSA has been participating in for the past several years.  It is an event where our "softball family" comes together to provide a wonderful event for our girls and also provides us with an opportunity to give back to a group in our community.  The event includes a fun game where the FGSA players participate in a game against their coaches.  Each inning of the game includes a certain age group of players.  Each and every FGSA player is invited to play!  We also hold a raffle which includes some fantastic prizes that can be won.  The concession stand is open to provide us with some wonderful food.  It is a fun-filled day and a wonderful example of just how special FGSA is!  
This year's event will be held in September and we would like to begin the "planning" of the event.  If you are interested in being a part of the "Coaches vs. Kids Committee," please contact Mary Templin (mtemplin0308@verizon.net or 484-269-7217).  A committee meeting will be held in February.

Each year a portion of the proceeds will be donated to a local charity.  That charity has not yet been decided.  Please send Mary Templin or Chris Mal your suggested charity.  We will then vote on a winner at a later date!



Each of the last 3 years, the FGSA has had a night at the Reading Fightin Phils which includes access to the pool, the all-you-can-eat buffet, and the kids on the field in uniform with the Reading Phillies players during the singing of the National Anthem.  Cost in the past has been just $24/person.  (I don't know yet if they have raised their prices for 2016 or not.)  You can sign up for the event at any of our Open Gyms or by contacting me directly.  The date for the event hasn't been selected yet, but we are looking at the following...
> Fri 6/10 @ 7:05pm
> Sun 6/12 @ 5:05pm
> Mon 6/27 @ 7:05pm
> Thu 6/30 @ 7:05pm

You can vote on-line on the FGSA Facebook page!

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