FGSA News for the Week of 12/21

There are no Open Gyms this week-end due to the Christmas Holiday.  Open Gyms will resume on Sat, 1/02.  That will be the first Open Gym at the Middle School.
I have compiled the FGSA Fall Survey results and the overall results are extremely satisfying.  
As a whole we scored positively in all categories.  But most importantly, one of our highest ratings came in the category that, to me, is the most important - DID THE GIRLS HAVE FUN?  In that category we rated 4.47 out of 5.  I'd say that says we're doing something right!
We also received a number of comments which were very insightful, and made us think about some things we hadn't thought about before. (You can read the full survey results here...)

You may not glean too much from the overall results, since they all averaged out to very good scores.  What you won't see are the team individual scores and the comments which will go to each coach privately.  It's in those scores that we can definitely learn some things.  For example:  A couple teams may want to brush up on making sure practices are more organized.  A few teams graded out mediocre in "parent communications."  Coaches should be able to fix that.  One team didn't score as high as the others in "pre-game warm-ups".  That can be fixed.  And message was heard loud and clear for one team that they didn't have nearly enough practices.

And if nothing else, I think this process keeps every coach in check.  It will encourage coaches to do their best because everyone now knows they will be getting a bit of a report card at the end of each season.

We also received a number kind comments about FGSA as a whole.  Here is a small sample of them:
  • Coaches were positive and supportive of all of the girls yet gave firm redirection when needed. The balance was perfect. The coaches were enthusiastic and had fun which in turn allowed the girls to relax and have fun as well. We were very happy with the coaching staff this season. Thanks for a great fall season!!
  • We love being a part of FGSA. Parents, girls, and coaches are by far the greatest group.
  • Great coaching techniques geared toward young girls. As a mom of two girls, I know that it can be like herding cats at times but the coaches always kept the kids focused and productive.
  • FGSA is a great organization. The coaches and parents are super supportive of all the players and their families. Our daughter does not attend Fleetwood so coming in to the organization for the first time in the Spring we did not know the players or families. (Our daughter) was welcomed by all the girls on the team in Spring and Fall with open arms. The way the girls supported and encouraged each other was heart warming. (She) loved her coaches. Their was no denying the coaches enjoyed every minute they where having teaching the love of the game to the girls. She had an amazing experience and can't wait to start playing in 2016.
  • Thank you FGSA for running a wonderful organization for our girls to have fun and learn and play the game. Volunteering your time is one of the greatest gifts you can give. I am most appreciative of ALL of your time and efforts.
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