FGSA News for the Week of 12/28

OPEN GYM, WEEK #4 = SAT 1/02
Join us for the 4th Open Gym of the year at the Fleetwood Middleschool, this Saturday, 1/02.
6U/8U - 10am-11am (5th/6th Grade Gym)
10U - 11am-noon (5th/6th Grade Gym)
12U - 9am-10:30am (7th/8th Grade Gym)
15U - 10:30am-noon (7th/8th Grade Gym)
And good news!  I will finally be able to be there!  GET PUMPED UP!  WOOO-HOOOOO!
Coaches/Helpers, I trust that you will work together with the other coaches/helpers in the age group you've been working in and (1) make sure someone will be there to lead these efforts, and (2) make sure that there's a game-plan for the practice.
Parents, If you feel at any point that these practices are disorganized and coaches are showing up without seeming like they have a plan, please let me know.  I will keep it confidential.
I need a volunteer parent or 2 to sit at the entrance of the gym, and receive registration forms, and hand out Lotto calendars.
Anyone who has been to a Softball tournament has noticed that many travel team players are now wearing face-masks.  By contrast, FGSA only has a handful girls who are wearing them (although it has increased over the last year.)
The FGSA is recommending that parents consider getting your daughters to wear one.  The sooner they get used to it, the sooner it won't feel any less foreign than just putting a glove on to go out on the field.
The new defensive facemasks are very lightweight, provide plenty of room to see, while protecting their faces (and also for some of the girls, protecting the investment you've made in their braces.)
There are a number of different manufacturers.  I added a picture of the one by RIP-IT.  As you can see, there is minimal obscured vision, but those couple bars are going to keep the ball from hitting their face.  For some girls, this will actually help them be more comfortable.

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