FGSA News for the Week of 12/8

The next FGSA monthly meeting is TOMORROWThu, 12/10, 7pm at the Keystone Villa.
This is an important meeting because we will be presenting the proposed 2016 budget.  (We will then vote to approve the budget at the January meeting.)
All coaches should attend, and parents are encouraged to attend as well.  Come help shape the future of the FGSA.
ATTACHED are the minutes from November meeting.
Doug DeLong
Jon Chwatek
Crystal Drumheller
OPEN GYM, WEEK #2 = FRI 12/11
Join us for the second Open Gym of the year at the Fleetwood Boro Hall, this Friday, 12/11.
6pm-7pm, 12U/15U
7pm-8pm, 6U/8U/10U
Coaches/Parents that I am aware will be there to help...
Drew Toucher
Eric Robuck
Steve Smith
Eric Robuck
Mike Lazar
Jim Frederick
(Unfortunately I will NOT be able to attend again.)
I need a volunteer parent or 2 to bring a card table and chair to sit at the entrance of the gym, and receive registration forms, and hand out Lotto calendars.  (I believe Nicole Pelehowski said that she'd be there to do this.  If anyone else would like to keep her company, that would be great.)
Please note that you do NOT need to be registered and paid to attend open gyms.  You can register and pay at any time between now and February.  In fact, if your daughter is new to softball and would like to use our Open Gyms just to try it out and see if she likes it, that's perfectly fine as well.
All coaches, assistant coaches and any parent that intends to be a "helper" must complete your Criminal Background clearances, and Child Abuse check.  NO EXCEPTIONS!  As of July 2015, THIS IS STATE LAW!  Your paperwork must be from within the last 3 years.  There are a number of people whose paperwork is now more than 3 years old and so it's time to resubmit.
The following people have clearances that will be out of date for the 2016 season and need to renew:
> Jon Chwatek
> Matt Davenport
> Jamie Geschwindt
> Earl Hemmig
> Kevin Manmiller
> Steve Moser
> Brian Orth
> Keith Santangelo
> Jen Schroeder
> Nichole Henn
> Drew Toucher
> Julie Toucher
> George Tregear
> ...plus anyone new for 2016.

Getting the Criminal Background check is easy.  You can do it electronically here...
The website says the turn-around is up to 2 weeks, but mine was returned within 24 hours.
You need to get your criminal background check completed FIRST to submit for your Child Abuse History Clearance.

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