FGSA News for the Week of 3/1

Fri 3/04 - Fleetwood Boro

6pm-8pm ... Pitching/Catching (10U/12U/15U)

Sat 3/05 - Fleetwood Middle School
Coaches/Helpers, I trust that you will work together with the other coaches/helpers in the age group you've been working in and (1) make sure someone will be there to lead these efforts, and (2) make sure that there's a game-plan for the practice.
Parents, If you feel at any point that these practices are disorganized and coaches are showing up without seeming like they have a plan, please let me know.  I will keep it confidential.
I need a volunteer parent or 2 to sit at the entrance of the gym, and receive registration forms, and hand out Lotto calendars.
Saturday, 3/05, from noon to 3pm, the Fleetwood school coaching staff will be hosting a Coaching Clinic that we'd like as many coaches as possible to attend. This is a good opportunity for us to get aligned with how the school staff coaches their girls so that we can have them best prepared to transition from FGSA to full-time Fleetwood High School players.  The event will be held in the High School auxiliary gym. 
The number of teams in Berks County has been slowly increasing again over the last couple of years, after it had taken a downturn for a few years prior to that.  Well, suddenly, in 2016 the count of teams appears to have jumped exponentially to an unbelievable (82) total teams!  As of last week, here are the number of teams that will be fielded throughout Berks County at each level...
8UB = 15 teams
8UA = 9 teams
10UB = 9 teams
10UA = 13 teams
12UB = 8 teams
12UA = 11 teams
15U = 15 teams
FGSA is fielding the 2nd most teams with (7).  Only Liberty (Spring Township) has more with (10) teams.  (50% of Liberty's 10 teams are at the 8U level.)
Every year it is tradition for FGSA to have a day when ALL of our Spring teams play a home game. They used to do this the first weekend of the year and call it "Opening Day" but that usually meant it was cold and miserable. So the last 4 years we moved it to about the 1/3 point of the season and call it "FGSA Day".
We shoot for the first Saturday in May, but unfortunately that is the date of the Blandon Fire Co fishing rodeo, so we're moving our FGSA Day to Sat 4/30.
This one of my favorite days of the year because I get to see the fruits of our labor all in back-to-back-to-back-to-back games. It's a sea of smiling faces in red, white and black uniforms buzzing all over the place throughout the day which puts a big giant smile on my face.
Tentatively, this will be the schedule:
9:00am - 8UB
11:30am - 8UA
2:00pm - 10UB
4:30pm - 10UA
7:00pm - 12UB 
Now that we're approaching the end of Open Gyms, and Spring soon upon us, it's time for me to start pushing the R-Phils ticket sales.  This event has been a long-standing tradition for a number of years now, and is one of FGSA's highlight events.  Please let me know if you plan to attend and how many tickets you would like reserved in your name.  (You can pay anytime through the end of April, but you're welcome to pay at the last Open Gyms if you want to get it out of the way.)
Previous years we've had between 80-90 people in attendance.  Let's try to break our record!
Pool Party includes...
> Girls on the field with R-Phils players during National Anthem
> Full access to the Pool Area
> All-you-can-eat Buffet (plus all you can drink sodas)
> Post-game fireworks show!
> Kids under 4 are free

Cost is $26/ticket (Kids under 4 are free)
The ultimate goal of the sport experience is to challenge oneself and continually improve. Unfortunately, judging improvement by winning and losing is both an unfair and inaccurate measure. Winning in sports is about doing the best you can do, separate from the outcome or the play of your opponent. Children should be encouraged to compete against their own potential. When your child has this focus and plays to better themselves instead of beating someone else, they will be more relaxed, have more fun and therefore perform better. 

Our soft "deadline" has passed.  However, if you're late or your daughter just hasn't decided yet, you are by no means locked out.  We do NOT turn anyone away ever.  However, anyone who HAS decided to play but just hasn't gotten the registration forms in yet, please do so soon so that we can get an accurate head-count, and so that we can place our uniform order.
Here's who I believe is playing based on registrations (and those who say registration is coming)...
8UA/8UB (24 girls ... 2 teams)

Hailey Achenbach
Leah Achenbach
Skyla Baer
Emma Baker
Kennly Chwatek
Katelyn Cox
Ava Downs
Sienna Drumheller
Julia Dybowski
Kiyarah Feliciano
Olivia Harwi
Alyssa Jones
Jenna Landis
Lucidia (LuLu) Lohman
Haylee Negri
Tessa Pflum
Olyvia Pope
Sarah Snyder
Ryleigh Soumas
Kaitlyn Szilli
Juliana Templin
Avalon Timochenko
Sophie Toucher
Amya Williams
10UB (11 girls)
Head Coach: Keith Santangelo
Assistant Coaches: Jay Koehler, Shaun Seidel
Emma Dietrich (missing forms)
Sienna Geschwindt
Paige Hemmig
Laila Jones
Morgan Koehler
Emily Miller
Irie Miller (missing forms)
Gabriella Moyer
Leandra Moyer
Isabelle Santangelo
Taryn Seidel
10UA (11 girls)
Head Coach: Drew Toucher
Assistant Coaches: Julie Toucher, Doug DeLong

Alysha Bender (missing forms)
Katalia Cirulli
Sarah Grim
Olivia Jones
Carly Karnish
Kylie Krauss
Haylie Mauger
Regan Prechtl
Kaitlyn Pytleski (missing forms)
Cloey Rentschler (missing forms)
Kelsie Toucher  
12UB (14 girls)
Head Coach: Eric Robuck
Assistant Coaches: Steve Adam, Kevin Manmiller
Ashley Adam
Mariyah Bender (missing forms)
Megan Brattley
Tiffany Cornman
Mackenzie Hartman
Veda Hartman (missing forms)
Emma Moody
Alison Morehart (missing forms)
Ashley Robuck
Alyssa Seyler
Abby Stump (missing forms)
Katie Stump (missing forms)
Mackenzie Stump
Alexis Templin
15U (22 girls + 4 girls from 12U ... 2 teams)

Allison Brattley
Makayla Calamita
Sienna Cowley
Chaera Frederick
Stephanie Hegedus
Alyssa Johnson
Emily Kantner
McKenna Kessler
Anna Koehle
Alyssa Krauss
Hannah Kutz
Carlen Lazar
Jolie Malinowski
Madison McElwee
Mackenzie Miller
Kamille Orth
Kylee Paules (missing forms)
Ashley Pelehowski
Lydia Santiago 
Melanie Sellers (missing forms)
Emma Templin 
Kayla Tilotta
12U girls requesting to play-up to 15U in the summer...
Alexia Moliatu
Taylor Pavlick
Bret Spayd
Aliyah Tilotta

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