FGSA News for the Week of 3/28

UP-COMING GAMES (next 10 days)
Fleetwood HS Varsity:

Thu 3/31, 4:15pm, Home (HS Field) vs. Oley
Fri 4/01, 4:15pm, Home (HS Field) vs. Daniel Boone
Mon 4/04, 4:15pm, Home (HS Field) vs. Reading
Wed 4/06, 4:15pm, Home (HS Field) vs. Hamburg
Fleetwood HS JV:
Wed 3/30, 4:15pm, Away @ Governor Mifflin
Thu 4/07, 4:15pm, Home (HS Field) vs. Brandywine
Fleetwood MS Varsity:
Tue 4/05, 4:15pm, Away @ Wyomissing
Thu 4/07, 4:15pm, Home (Willow Creek) vs. Brandywine
Fleetwood MS JV:
Wed 4/06, 4:15pm, Home (Willow Creek) vs. Daniel Boone
Sat 4/02, 6pm, Scrimmage, Home (BFC) vs. Reading
Tue 4/05, 5pm, Scrimmage, Home (BFC) vs. Exeter
Mon 4/04, 6:15pm, Away @ Kempton
Thu 4/07, 6:00pm, Scrimmage, Home (BFC) vs. MTAA-Yellow

This is a very important question: Why is your child participating in the sport? Are they doing it because they want to, for THEM, or because of YOU? When they have problems in their sport, do you talk about them as "OUR" problems, i.e., "we aren't getting in front of the ball", "we're having trouble making contact with the ball", etc. Are they playing because they don't want to disappoint you, because they know how important the sport is to YOU?  Are they playing for rewards and "bonuses" that YOU give out?  Are their goals and aspirations YOURS or THEIRS? How invested are YOU in their success and failure? If they are competing to please you or for your vicarious glory, then they are in it for the wrong reasons. Further, if they stay involved for you, ultimately everyone will lose. It is quite normal and healthy to want your child to excel and be as successful as possible. But, you cannot make this happen by pressuring them with your expectations or by using guilt or bribery to keep them involved. If they have their own reasons and own goals for participating, they will be far more motivated to excel and therefore far more successful.

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