FGSA News for the Week of 4/18

UP-COMING GAMES (next 10 days)
Fleetwood HS Varsity:

Wed 4/20, 4:15pm, Away @ Schuylkill Valley
Fri 4/22, 4:00pm, Away @ Exeter
Mon 4/25, 4:15pm, Away @ Hamburg
Wed 4/27, 4:15pm, Home (HS Field) vs. Twin Valley
Fri 4/29, 6:00pm, Away @ Kutztown
Fleetwood HS JV:
Thu 4/21, 4:15pm, Home (HS Field) vs. Kutztown
Tue 4/26, 4:15pm, Home (HS Field) vs. Hamburg
Fri 4/29, 4:00pm, Away @ Kutztown
Fleetwood MS Varsity:
Thu 4/21, 4:15pm, Home (Willow Creek) vs. Schuylkill Valley
Tue 4/26, 4:15pm, Away @ Hamburg
Thu 4/28, 4:15pm, Home (Willow Creek) vs. Tulpehocken
Fleetwood MS JV:
Wed 4/20, 4:15pm, Home (Willow Creek) vs. Kutztown
Fri 4/22, 4:15pm, Away @ Reading (Lauer's Park)
Mon 4/25, 4:15pm, Away @ Muhlenberg
Sat 4/23, 9:00am, Away @ Brandywine (Topton Pool)
Mon 4/25, 7:00pm, Home (BFC) vs. Brandywine
Wed 4/27, 6:15pm, Away @ Exeter (Stonersville)
Sat 4/23, 1:00pm, Away @ Wyomissing (Happy Hollow)
Thu 4/28, 6:15pm, Away @ Twin Valley (Plowville)
Fri 4/29, 6:15pm, Home (BFC) vs. Schuylkill Valley
Thu 4/21, 6:00pm, Away @ Oley (OVYL) **10UB's first game of the year!**
Fri 4/22, 6:15pm, Away @ Reading (Keffer Park)
Sun 4/24, 5:00pm, Home (BFC) vs. Exeter
Thu 4/21, 6:00pm, Home (BFC) vs. Liberty#1 **8UA's first game of the year!**
Thu 4/28, 6:00pm, Home (BFC) vs. Wyomissing
Thu 4/21, 6:00pm, Away @ Wyomissing (Mausoleum)
Sat 4/23, 9:00am, Away @ Schuylkill Valley (Bern Pool)
Wed 4/27, 6:00pm, Away @ MTAA-Yellow (McWilliams Field)

Wow! What an awesome night of Softball! The number of people who came for the annual "Strike out Cancer" night was incredible. It was mobbed! It was fantastic to see so many people coming together for a great cause and to see our girls play some great softball. (The HS teams really should play more night games at BFC.)
The HS JV team lead off the event by beating Brandywine 12-10 on a walk-off 2-run home run by Emily Kantner!
The HS Varsity team then stomped on Conrad Weiser, winning via mercy-rule, 11-3.
Meanwhile earlier in the day, the MS Varsity team brought their record to 3-0 by winning via mercy-rule for the 3rd consecutive game, beating Brandywine 12-4 in just 5+ innings. They have now outscored their opponents 49-5!!!!!  (**Note that since this was written, the MS Varsity won again via mercy rule.  They are now 4-0, and have outscored their opponents by a combined score of 60-6.)

Note that we have decided to only send out checks about 2x/month.  The reason for this is that we set up our account to require a signature from TWO board members for it to be valid.  So this way Keith doesn't have to drive over to my house every single time we have a winner.
Here are the results so far...
4/01 = 330 = Hayli Negri ($40)
4/02 = 256 = (no winner)
4/03 = 806 = (no winner)
4/04 = 864 = (no winner)
4/05 = 721 = (no winner)
4/06 = 108 = Avalon Timochenko ($40)
4/07 = 352 = (no winner)
4/08 = 190 = (no winner)
4/09 = 041 = (no winner)
4/10 = 447 = (no winner)
4/11 = 925 = (no winner)
4/12 = 005 = Emily Miller ($40)
4/13 = 602 = Lillian Davidheiser ($40)
4/14 = 119 = (no winner)
4/15 = 700 = (no winner)
4/16 = 048 = (no winner)
4/17 = 816 = Sarah Snyder ($100)
4/18 = 238 = (no winner)

The date has been set! Mark your calendars!  SATURDAY 9/17 @ 1PM!
We are accepting ideas for the non-profit organization that we will be raising money for.  We also need people to join the committee to plan the event.  Please contact Mary Templin (484-269-7217 or mtemplin0308@verizon.net) to suggest an organization or if you are interested in joining the committee.


TEACH YOUR CHILD THE GIFT OF FAILURE.  If you really want your child to be as happy and as successful as possible in everything that they do, then teach them how to fail. The most successful people in and out of sports do two things differently than everyone else. First, they are more willing to take risks and therefore fail more frequently. Second, they use their failures in a positive way as a source of motivation and feedback to improve. Our society is generally negative and teaches us that failure is bad, a cause for humiliation and embarrassment, and something to be avoided at all costs. Fear of failure or humiliation causes one to be tentative and non-active. In fact, most performance blocks and poor performances are a direct result of the athlete being preoccupied with failing or messing up. You can't learn to walk without falling ENOUGH times. Each time that you fall, your body gets valuable information on how to do it better. You can't be successful or have peak performances if you are concerned with losing or failing. Teach your child how to view setbacks, mistakes and risk-taking positively and you'll have given them the key to a lifetime of success. Failure is the perfect stepping stone to success.

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