FGSA News for the Week of 4/25 Opening Weekend!

UP-COMING GAMES (next 10 days)
Fleetwood HS Varsity:

Wed 4/27, 4:15pm, Home (HS Field) vs. Twin Valley
Fri 4/29, 6:00pm, Away @ Kutztown
Mon 5/02, 4:15pm, Home (HS Field) vs. Berks Catholic
Wed 5/04, 4:15pm, Away @ Conrad Weiser
Thu 5/05, 7:00pm, Home (Lyons) vs. Schuylkill Valley
Fleetwood HS JV:
Fri 4/29, 4:00pm, Away @ Kutztown
Tue 5/03, 4:15pm, Away @ Berks Catholic
Fleetwood MS Varsity:
Tue 5/03, 4:15pm, Away @ Oley
Wed 5/04, 4:15pm, Home (Willow Creek) vs. Wyomissing
Fri 5/06, 4:15pm, Away @ Schuylkill Valley
Fleetwood MS JV:
Thu 4/28, 4:15pm, Home (Willow Creek) vs. Tulpehocken-Varsity
Mon 5/02, 4:15pm, Home (Willow Creek) vs. Muhlenberg
Wed 4/27, 6:15pm, Away @ Exeter (Stonersville)
Sat 4/30, 9:00pm, Home (BFC) vs. Kempton **FGSA-Day**
Wed 5/04, 6:15pm, Away @ Oley (Oley Valley Youth League)
Fri 5/06, 6:15pm, Away @ Conrad Weiser (CW Transportation Field)
Thu 4/28, 6:15pm, Away @ Twin Valley (Plowville)
Sat 4/30, 7:00pm, Home (BFC) vs. Schuylkill Valley **FGSA-Day**
Tue 5/03, 6:30pm, Home (BFC) vs. Kempton
Wed 5/04, 6:15pm, Away @ MTAA-Gold (Reading Crest)
Fri 4/29, 6:15pm, Home (BFC) vs. Schuylkill Valley
Sat 4/30, 4:30pm, Home (BFC) vs. Reading **FGSA-Day**
Tue 5/03, 6:15pm, Away @ Miffin-Maroon (Mifflin HS JV Field)
Sat 4/30, 2:00pm, Home (BFC) vs. MTAA#1 **FGSA-Day**
Sun 5/01, 3:00pm, Away @ MTAA#2 (McWilliams Field)
Wed 5/04, 6:00pm, Away @ Hamburg#2 (Edenburgh)
Fri 5/06, 6:00pm, Home (BFC) vs. Brandywine
Thu 4/28, 6:00pm, Home (BFC) vs. Wyomissing
Sat 4/30, 11:30am, Home (BFC) vs. Exeter#1 **FGSA-Day**
Wed 4/27, 6:00pm, Away @ MTAA-Yellow (McWilliams Field)
Sat 4/30, 9:00am, Home (BFC) vs. Oley **FGSA-Day**
Thu 5/05, 6:00pm, Home (BFC) vs. Tulpehocken

Our big day is almost here.  Every year it is tradition for FGSA to have a day when ALL of our Spring teams play a home game. They used to do this the first weekend of the year and call it "Opening Day" but that usually meant it was cold and miserable. So the last 4 years we moved it to about the 1/3 point of the season and call it "FGSA Day".  The schedule is as follows:
9:00am - 8UB
11:30am - 8UA
2:00pm - 10UB
4:30pm - 10UA
7:00pm - 12UB
9:00pm - 12UA
We'll be there from sun-up to sun-down and then some, so come out for a whole lotta FGSA Softball and some walking tacos.
As we have done in previous years, we try to get the Photography out of the way early for better lighting (less squinting), and do it back-to-back-to-back so the photographer doesn't have to hang out all day long.  That means that most girls will have to show up in uniform early in the morning and then come back again later for their game.  This year our photography will be done by Crystal Chwatek who has been doing pictures for FABA in the past.  The order form is attached in case you want to fill it out in advance.  Your coaches will also have copies for you before 4/30.  If you have any questions, email Crystal at cmhelper@ptd.net.  This is the schedule for our picture-taking:
8:00am - 8UB
8:30am - 8UA
9:00am - 10UB
9:30am - 10UA
10:00am - 12UB
10:30am - 12UA
**Attached is the picture form if you want to fill it out before Saturday!**


We'll be unveiling a new Spiritwear store through out new website hosted by Blue Sombrero at some point in the future, but until then, you can still purchase FGSA Spiritwear through our FGSA Store on MyLocker.net:

We'll be unveiling a new Spiritwear store through out new website hosted by Blue Sombrero at some point in the future, but until then, you can still purchase FGSA Spiritwear through our FGSA Store on MyLocker.net:
The following are the rosters for this summer's FGSA 15U teams.  Summer ball will be here before you know it!  With another year under out belts and only 1 girl aging out of the program, these look like two really really good 15U teams to me.
15U-Red 15U-Black
Chris Malinowski Mike Lazar
Allison Brattley Emilie Bartosh
Makayla Calamita Chaera Frederick
Sienna Cowley Emily Kantner
Stephanie Hegedus McKenna Kessler
Alyssa Johnson Anna Koehle
Jolie Malinowski Alyssa Krauss
Madison McElwee Hannah Kutz
Mackenzie Miller Carlen Lazar
Alexia Moliatu Kamille Orth
Kylee Paules Ashley Pelehowski
Taylor Pavlick Lydia Santiago 
Melanie Sellers Bret Spayd
Emma Templin  Aliyah Tilotta
Kayla Tilotta 


Note that we have decided to only send out checks about 2x/month.  The reason for this is that we set up our account to require a signature from TWO board members for it to be valid.  So this way Keith doesn't have to drive over to my house every single time we have a winner.
Here are the results so far...
4/01 = 330 = Hayli Negri ($40)
4/02 = 256 = (no winner)
4/03 = 806 = (no winner)
4/04 = 864 = (no winner)
4/05 = 721 = (no winner)
4/06 = 108 = Avalon Timochenko ($40)
4/07 = 352 = (no winner)
4/08 = 190 = (no winner)
4/09 = 041 = (no winner)
4/10 = 447 = (no winner)
4/11 = 925 = (no winner)
4/12 = 005 = Emily Miller ($40)
4/13 = 602 = Lillian Davidheiser ($40)
4/14 = 119 = (no winner)
4/15 = 700 = (no winner)
4/16 = 048 = (no winner)
4/17 = 816 = Sarah Snyder ($100)
4/18 = 238 = (no winner)
4/19 = 874 = (no winner)
4/20 = 926 = (no winner)
4/21 = 264 = Kiyarah Feliciano ($40)
4/22 = 592 = (no winner)
4/23 = 374 = McKenna Kessler ($100)
4/24 = 096 = Hailey Achenbach ($100)
4/25 = 416 = (no winner)
4/26 = 165 = (no winner)

The fundraising committee is in the process of securing sponsorships for the 2016 season.  Do you own a business or know someone who does???  There are (2) types of sponsorships available.  For $300, a business will receive a banner that we will hang on the outfield fence.  For $500, a business will receive a banner that we will hang under the scoreboard.  Please contact Mary Templin (484-269-7217 or mtemplin0308@verizon.net) if you would like to become a sponsor or know someone who might be interested.  All money raised through sponsorships will be used by FGSA to continue to do great things for the girls!

CHALLENGE, DON'T THREATEN.  Many parents directly or indirectly use guilt and threats as a way to "motivate" their child to perform better. Performance studies clearly indicate that while threats may provide short term results, the long term costs in terms of mental health and performance are devastating. Using fear as a motivator is probably one of the worst dynamics you could set up with your child. Threats take the fun out of performance and directly lead to your child performing terribly. Implicit in a threat, (do this or else!) is your own anxiety that YOU do not believe the child is capable. Communicating this lack of belief, even indirectly is further devastating to the child's performance. A challenge does not entail loss or negative consequences should the athlete fail. Further, implicit in a challenge is the empowering belief, "I think that you can do it".

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