FGSA News for the Week of 4/5

UP-COMING GAMES (next 10 days)
Fleetwood HS Varsity:
Wed 4/06, 4:15pm, Home (HS Field) vs. Hamburg
Fri 4/08, 4:15pm, Away @ Brandywine
Sat 4/09, 2:00pm, Home (HS Field) vs. Daniel Boone
Mon 4/11, 4:15pm, Away @ Twin Valley
Wed 4/13, 4:15pm, Away @ Berks Catholic
Thu 4/14, 4:15pm, Away @ Wilson
Fleetwood HS JV:
Thu 4/07, 4:15pm, Home (HS Field) vs. Brandywine
Wed 4/13, 4:15pm, Home (HS Field) vs. Berks Catholic
Fri 4/15, 4:15pm, Away @ Wilson
Fleetwood MS Varsity:
Thu 4/07, 4:15pm, Home (Willow Creek) vs. Brandywine
Tue 4/12, 4:15pm, Away @ Berks Catholic
Wed 4/13, 4:15pm, Away @ Wyomissing
Fleetwood MS JV:
Wed 4/06, 4:15pm, Home (Willow Creek) vs. Daniel Boone
Mon 4/11, 4:15pm, Away @ Exeter
Sat 4/09, 12:30pm, Away @ Exeter (Stonersville)
Mon 4/11, 6:15pm, Home (BFC) vs. MTAA-Yellow
Tue 4/12, 6:15pm, Away @ Exeter (Stonersville)
Fri 4/15, 6:00pm, Scrimmage, Home (HS Field) vs. Reading Olivets Club
Thu 4/14, 6:15pm, Away @ Hamburg (Edenburg Park)
Fri 4/15, 6:15pm, Home (BFC) vs. Kempton

Thu 4/07, 6:00pm, Scrimmage, Home (BFC) vs. MTAA-Yellow
Our Lotto Calendars started on April 1st.  Here are the results so far...
330 = Hayli Negri ($40)
256 = (no winner)
806 = (no winner)
864 = (no winner)


YOUR CHILD IS NOT THEIR PERFORMANCE - LOVE THEM UNCONDITIONALLY.  Do not equate your child's self-worth and lovability with their performance. The most tragic and damaging mistake I see parents continually make is punishing a child for a bad performance by withdrawing emotionally from them. A child loses a race, strikes out or misses an easy shot on goal and the parent responds with disgust, anger and withdrawal of love and approval. CAUTION: Only use this strategy if you want to damage your child emotionally and ruin your relationship with them.

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