FGSA News for the Week of 5/9

UP-COMING GAMES (next 10 days)
Fleetwood MS Varsity:

Thu 5/12, 4:15pm, Home (Willow Creek) vs. Berks Catholic
Mon 5/16, 4:15pm, Away @ Schuylkill Valley
Tue 5/17, 4:15pm, Home (Willow Creek) vs. Wyomissing
Thu 5/19, 4:15pm, Home (Willow Creek) vs. Kutztown
Fleetwood MS JV:
Wed 5/11, 4:15pm, Home (Willow Creek) vs. Reading
Wed 5/18, 4:15pm, Away @ Kutztown
Fri 5/20, 4:00pm, Away @ Tulpehocken-Varsity
(No games over the next 10 days)
Sun 5/15, 1:00pm, Away @ Kempton (Kempton Community Center)
Mon 5/16, 6:15pm, Home (BFC) vs. Kempton <-- BCGSL.com doesn't show this game
Tue 5/17, 6:15pm, Home (BFC) vs. Liberty
Fri 5/20, 6:15pm, Home (BFC) vs. Twin Valley <-- BCGSL.com doesn't show this game
Fri 5/13, 6:00pm, Home (HS Field) vs. Liberty
Tue 5/17, 6:15pm, Away @ Brandywine (Topton Pool)
Thu 5/19, 6:15pm, Away @ Mifflin-Gold (Mifflin HS JV Field)
Wed 5/11, 6:00pm, Home (BFC) vs. Wyomissing
Sat 5/14, 10:15am, 10UB FGSA Tourney Round Robin Game #1 vs. Exeter
Sat 5/14, 12:00pm, 10UB FGSA Tourney Round Robin Game #2 vs. Conrad Weiser
Sat 5/14, 3:30pm, 10UB FGSA Tourney Round Robin Game #3 vs. Brandywine
Sat 5/14, 7:00pm, 10UB FGSA Tourney Round Robin Game #4 vs. Hamburg
Sun 5/15, 10UB FGSA Tourney Single Game Elimination Bracket, Games TBD
Mon 5/16, 6:15pm, Away @ Hamburg#2 (Edenburgh)
Fri 5/20, 6:00pm, Away @ MTAA#2 (Reading Crest)
Thu 5/12, 6:00pm, Away @ Hamburg (Shartlesville)
Thu 5/19, 6:00pm, Home (BFC) vs. Wyomissing
Thu 5/19, 6:00pm, Away @ MTAA-Blue

The next FGSA Monthly Meeting is this Thu 5/12.  Each Spring and Summer team should have someone in attendence.  Parents are also encouraged to attend.  Come help shape the future of the FGSA!

Help needed!!!!
The FGSA is hosting a coach pitch tournament for 10UB this weekend at our Blandon field.  We will be hosting games there all day Saturday from 8:30am to 9pm and Sunday 11am to 7pm.  We could use your help!!!  We are in need of volunteers to help run the concession stand.  Most of the 10U B parents are already signed up to help but we could use some more people.  Even if you could just help out for an hour or two either days we would greatly appreciated.  This will not only be a great experience for our girls but also a great way for our organization to earn some extra money by having the concession stand open all day.  In order to do this we need some extra volunteers.  Besides helping our organization you will also get to see some great softball by our young lady tigers and eat some awesome concession stand food.    If anyone could please volunteer their time either of the days please let me know kespsu@ptd.net or Nora Miller njmiller16@aol.com.  Whatever time you have available we will fit you in. 
We could also use 1 person to supervise the 1 game that will need to be played at the high school field.  It is Saturday at noon.  The field will be prepped and ready to go.  All you would have to do is be there by 11:30 and set the bases out and just make sure the game starts on time and the umpire is paid.  The game lasts 1 1/2 hr.  You would have to be there from 11:30 - 1:30.  After the game is over all you need to do is make sure bases are put in shed and locked and that there is no trash laying around.  Our 10U B team is playing at the same time at Blandon so it would be really nice if we could get someone else to supervise that game other then a 10U parent so they are able to watch their daughters play.  If you can please let me know kespsu@ptd.net and I will get you all the info you need for the game and the umpire money.
Thank you in advance for your help. 
  Keith Santangelo
  VP of tournaments


Note that we have decided to only send out checks about 2x/month.  The reason for this is that we set up our account to require a signature from TWO board members for it to be valid.  So this way Keith doesn't have to drive over to my house every single time we have a winner.
Here are the results so far...
4/01 = 330 = Hayli Negri ($40)
4/02 = 256 = (no winner)
4/03 = 806 = (no winner)
4/04 = 864 = (no winner)
4/05 = 721 = (no winner)
4/06 = 108 = Avalon Timochenko ($40)
4/07 = 352 = (no winner)
4/08 = 190 = (no winner)
4/09 = 041 = (no winner)
4/10 = 447 = (no winner)
4/11 = 925 = (no winner)
4/12 = 005 = Emily Miller ($40)
4/13 = 602 = Lillian Davidheiser ($40)
4/14 = 119 = (no winner)
4/15 = 700 = (no winner)
4/16 = 048 = (no winner)
4/17 = 816 = Sarah Snyder ($100)
4/18 = 238 = (no winner)
4/19 = 874 = (no winner)
4/20 = 926 = (no winner)
4/21 = 264 = Kiyarah Feliciano ($40)
4/22 = 592 = (no winner)
4/23 = 374 = McKenna Kessler ($100)
4/24 = 096 = Hailey Achenbach ($100)
4/25 = 416 = (no winner)
4/26 = 165 = (no winner)
4/27 = 781 = Carly Karnish ($40)
4/28 = 641 = (no winner)
4/29 = 257 = (no winner)
4/30 = 858 = (no winner)
5/01 = 716 = Sienna Geschwindt ($100)
5/02 = 695 = (no winner)
5/03 = 058 = Paige Hemmig ($40)
5/04 = 615 = (no winner)
5/05 = 677 = Ryleigh Soumas ($40)
5/06 = 920 = Kaitlyn Szilli ($40)
5/07 = 352 = (no winner)
5/08 = 277 = Alyssa Jones ($100)
5/09 = 633 = (no winner)
5/10 = 793 = Alison Morehart ($40)

Pool Party includes...
> Girls on the field with R-Phils players during National Anthem
> Full access to the Pool Area
> All-you-can-eat Buffet (plus all you can drink sodas)
> Post-game fireworks show!
> Kids under 4 are free
Cost is $26/ticket (Kids under 4 are free)
Our headcount as of today is 45 tickets.  If you plan to go, please give me a tentative headcount ASAP.  You can still request tickets AFTER tomorrow, however, once the pool area fills up you'll be locked out, so the longer you wait to more risk there is that we won't have room for you.
The following people have informed me they are going:
Achenbach (4)
Adam (2)
Calamita (2)
DeLong (1)
Dietrich (4)
Frederick (5)
Jones (4)
Koehler (3)
Lazar (4)
Malinowski (5)
Manmiller (3)
E.Miller (2)
I.Miller (4)
Santangelo (3)


AVOID COMPARISONS AND RESPECT DEVELOPMENTAL DIFFERENCES.  Supportive parents do not use other athletes that their child competes with or against to compare and thus evaluate their child's progress. Comparisons are useless, inaccurate and destructive. Each child matures differently and the process of comparison ignores significant distorting effects of developmental differences. For example, two 12 year old boys may only have their age in common. One may physically have the build and perform like a 15 year old while the other, a late developer, may have the physical size and attributes of a 9 year old. Performance comparisons can prematurely turn off otherwise talented athletes on their sport. The only value of comparisons is in teaching. If one child demonstrates proper technique, that child can be used comparatively as a model only. For your child to do his/her very best, he/she needs to learn to stay within themselves. Worrying about how another athlete is doing interferes with them doing this.

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