FGSA News for week of Sept 7th



Fri 9/11, 6:00pm: Fleetwood 10U-Black @ Liberty

Sat 9/12, 6:00pm: Fleetwood 15U-Black @ Orwigsburg

Sun 9/13, 1:00pm: Fleetwood 12U-Red @ Boyertown

Sun 9/13, 4:00pm: Fleetwood 10U-Black @ Hamburg

Sun 9/13, 7:00pm: MTAA @ Fleetwood 10U-Red (BLANDON FIRE CO)

Mon 9/14, 6:00pm: Fleetwood 10U-Red @ Kempton

Mon 9/14, 7:00pm: Kempton @ Fleetwood 15U-Black (BLANDON FIRE CO)


* 15U-Red game @ Reading on Sun 9/13 has been canceled, but I'm trying get another team scheduled to play us that day.  More news to follow.

* Brad is missing the away game schedules for 8U and 12U-Black so it's possible 8U and 12U-Black have an away game coming up that isn't shown above.





Don't forget, the next FGSA Monthly Meeting is coming up this Thursday, 9/10.  All Fall teams MUST have a team representative at the meeting.  Parents are also very much encouraged to attend.  Come help shape the future of the FGSA!





For the 2nd year in a row the FGSA will march in the Fleetwood Homecoming Parade.  This was very well received last year.  The girls of all ages seem to have a lot of fun with this.  The parade begins from Fleetwood High School at 5:30pm.  Please arrive by 5:00pm.  Parents can walk along with FGSA if you'd like to, or you can simply meet us back at the High School at the end of the parade.





Per Gretchen Manmiller...


My e-mail has been acting a bit strange the past week so I want to make sure before I order the participation ribbons and print up the programs, I have everyone (names spelled correctly) and did not miss anyone or anything. If anything needs to be changed PLEASE let me know.


We also only have 3 players for 8U -- if your child is in the 8U age group, please consider joining us. The coaches play with wiffle balls against the 8U's and it is a FUN game! If not, we will have the 8U kids play with the 10U.


We are also looking for veterans/soldiers to honor before the game. If you or a family member would like to be recognized, please let me know. So far we have: Thomas J Cowley, Eric Robuck, Kris Bartosh, myself, and George Becker III.


Thank you to those of you who have sponsored the event for $25.00 or offered to do a basket! See below for the list!


8U and 10 U -- Coaches for the game Kelly Prechtl and Tori Manmiller
Isabella Santangelo
Sophie Toucher
Kennly Chwatek
Haylie Mauger
Juliana Templin
Kat Cirulli
Regan Prechtl
Alexis Templin
Paige Hemmig
Alyssa Seyler
Emily Miller
Kelsie Toucher


12U -- Coaches for the game -- Emma Templin and Mackenzie Hart
Taylor Pavlick
Kaylee Fell
Megan Brattley
Aliyah Tilotta
Ashley Adam
Emilie Bartosh
Alison Morehart
Alexia Moliatu
Ashley Robuck


15U -- Coach for the game -- Gretchen Manmiller and Dave Brattley

McKenna Kessler
Mackenzie Hart
Anna Koehle
Chaera Frederick
Emma Templin
Ashley Pelehowski
Carlen Lazar
Melanie Sellers
Tori Manmiller
Jolie Malinowski
Sienna Cowley
Stephanie Hegedus
Allison Brattley
Kayla Tilotta
Kamille Orth
Emily Kantner


Coaches Playing in the game -- Doug DeLong, Jim Frederick, Chris Malinowski, Shawn Moliatu, Mike Lazar, Keith Santangelo, Steve Adam, Kevin Manmiller, Kris Bartosh, Eric Robuck, Drew Toucher, Dave Connor, Steve Smith


Umpire -- Kevin Pavlick
Announcer -- Rich Kaskey


Volunteers -- Dawn Pavlick, Julianne Kessler, Karen Baldwin Fell, Crystal Chwatek, Nikki Henn, Marty Templin, Heather Moliatu, Nicole Pelehowski


Basket Donations
Station Auto Body
Chwatek Family
Family (Michele Cowley)
Irene Malinowski

Nikki Henn

Kessler Family

Moliatu Family


Monetary Donations
Templin Family
Santangelo Family
John Czarnecki
Super Shoes
Malinowski Family
Prechtl Family
Miller Family
Spayd Family
Smith Family
Sarah Baer -- Baer's Accounting Services, LLC

Deka via the Frederick Family

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