FGSA News Week of August 10th

The next FGSA League Meeting is scheduled for this Thursday, 8/13, 7pm, at the Keystone Villa.  All Fall teams must have a representative at this meeting.  Parents are also encouraged to attend.

Please come help shape the future of the FGSA!
The rosters for the Fall teams have now been determined.  I think we can be very proud of the enthusiasm and momentum that Fleetwood has generated over the last few years.  This Fall we will be fielding SEVEN (7) different teams!  That blows every other association out of the water.  All of the others are fielding between 0 and 3.  We will have (1) 8U, (2) 10U, (2) 12U and (2) 15U.

The league scheduling melee is planned for Thu 8/20, so we won't have official schedules for anyone until after that date.  I can, however, tell you that the earliest that any team will be allowed to schedule a game is Sat 9/12.  Now that all of the teams have been determined, you should be hearing from your coaches soon if you haven't already.

Here are the Rosters for all (7) teams...
8U (Coaches: Jon Chwatek and Jane Szilli)
Leslie Baker
Kaitlyn Chap
Kennly Chwatek
Ava Downs
Ayla Fenstermacher
Alyssa Jones
Caida Lipovsky
Irie Miller
Sarah Snyder
Kaitlyn Szilli
10U-Red (Coaches: Doug DeLong and Vic Pytleski)
Makayla Bowers
Emma Dietrich
Paige Hemmig
Olivia Jones
Regan Prechtl
Kaitlyn Pytleski
Cloey Rentschler
Alyssa Seyler
Alexis Templin
Juliana Templin
Haley Wojciechowski (part time)
10U-Black (Coaches: Keith Santangelo and Jay Koehler)
Katalia Cirulli
Grace Davies
Sienna Geschwindt
Morgan Koehler
Kylie Krauss
Emily Miller
Gabriella Moyer
Leandra Moyer
Keira Perkins
Isabelle Santangelo
Taryn Seidel
12U-Red (Coaches: Eric Robuck and Steve Smith)
Ashley Adam
Emilie Bartosh
Megan Brattley
Sarah Davenport
Lillian Davidheiser
Kaylee Fell
Erin Foley
Abigail McWhorter
Alison Morehart
Ashley Robuck
Aliyah Tilotta
Jenna Tregear
Alyson Witman
12U-Black (Coaches: Kevin Pavlick and Shawn Moliatu)
Adrianna Biondo
Tahner Gehringer
Alexia Moliatu
Emma Moody
Autumn Moser
Taylor Pavlick
Bret Spayd (part-time)
Abby Stump
Katie Stump
Mackenzie Stump
Amaris Torres
15U-Red (Coaches: Chris Malinowski, Bob Bastian and Kevin Manmiller)
Allison Brattley
Makayla Calamita (part time)
Sienna Cowley
Alyssa Johnson
Emily Kantner
Kylee Landis
Jolie Malinowski
Mackenzie Miller
Kylee Paules
Evelyn Reed-Roland
Lydia Santiago
Melanie Sellers
Bret Spayd (part time)
15U-Black (Coaches: Mike Lazar, Jim Frederick and Rob Kutz)
Meghan Allmendinger
Chaera Frederick
Mackenzie Hart
McKenna Kessler
Anna Koehle
Hannah Kutz
Carlen Lazar
Madison McElwee
Kamille Orth
Ashley Pelehowski
Kayla Tilotta

Sat 8/22, 1:15pm, FGSA 2nd Annual Golf Outing @ Rich Maiden Golf Course
Thu 8/27, FGSA 1st Annual Night at the Fleetwood Pool
Sat 8/29, FGSA 2nd Annual Night at the Movies (right on our home field at BFC!)

Sat 9/26, 3rd Annual Coaches vs. Kids Fundraiser (Wounded Warriors)

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