FGSA News week of October 12

Sat 10/10, 10:30am, Fleetwood 12U-Red @ Reading 12U
Sat 10/10, 4:00pm, Fleetwood 12U-Black @ Kempton-White 12U
Sun 10/11, 6:00pm, Orwigsburg 15U @ Fleetwood 15U-Black (BLANDON FIRE CO)
Sun 10/11, 1:00pm, Fleetwood 8U @ Brandywine 8U
Sun 10/11, 1:00pm, Fleetwood 12U-Black @ Hamburg 12U
Sun 10/11, 4:00pm, Fleetwood 10U-Black @ MTAA 10U
Sun 10/11, 4:00pm, Fleetwood 12U-Red @ Mifflin 12U
Mon 10/12, 6:00pm, Kempton @ Fleetwood 10U-Red (BLANDON FIRE CO)
Tue 10/13, 6:15pm, Mifflin 12U @ Fleetwood 12U-Red (BLANDON FIRE CO)
Wed 10/14, 6:00pm, MTAA 15U @ Fleetwood 15U-Red (BLANDON FIRE CO)
Thu 10/15, 7:00pm, Kempton 15U @ Fleetwood 15U-Black (BLANDON FIRE CO)
Fri 10/16, 7:00pm, Mifflin 10U @ Fleetwood 10U-Red (BLANDON FIRE CO)
> Over the last few years, expenses have far exceeded our income, as a result exploding interest.  All of our 10U, 12U and 15U teams are now going to 1 or 2 tournaments every year, which was not the case 3-4 years ago.  15U teams are now using 2 umpires instead of 1, and umpire fees have gone up in general.  (Because we have so many teams, FGSA spends - literally - THOUSANDS of dollars on umpire fees.)  As a result, we need to find a way to source the additional expenses.  It also isn't fair that the lower age groups spend as much as the 12U and 15U's since 12U and 15U is where most of the additional expenses now are.  We will be going with a tiered registration fee system: 6U (Free), 8U ($35), 10U ($50), 12U ($60) and 15U ($75).

> Additionally each girl will be required to sell (3) $20 Lotto Calendars instead of (2).
> The raising of the registration fee plus the additional calendar sales only allows us to break even on our basic expenses, and doesn't cover any "extras" that the organization has typically needed funds for.  (e.g. Equipment upgrades/replacements, field needs, clinics, open gym perfect attendance gift cards, coaches' shirts, etc.)
> The Finance/Marketing Committee is kicking around numerous ideas including: A Spaghetti Dinner, Donation Jars at various local restaurants, selling 50/50 raffle tickets on FGSA Day, Sponsorship signs on the outfield fence, Soliciting local business for donations and much much more.
> Gretchen Manmiller has said she won't be able to spearhead the Coaches vs. Kids Fund Raiser next year.  If we want this tradition to continue for the 4th consecutive year, others are going to have to step up to make it happen.
> Fall League will continue to be FREE for any girl who played for FGSA in the Spring.
> Serious discussion was had about creating a 1-Day "Camp" where we'd bring in a handful of Softball "experts" and advertise the camp throughout Berks County and beyond.  Our girls would be able to attend the camp for a very small fee.  "Outsiders" would pay the full fee.  The end result would be a solid day of learning for our girls, and a means to raise additional funds.
> We could still use a covered trailer to transport the huge amount of equipment we lug back and forth from the shed to the Open Gyms every week in the winter.
> Concern raised about not having a batting circle / on-deck area during games.  We've had a number of near misses over the years.  We will be approaching the township about removing (not relocating, REMOVING) the bleachers behind the back stop on both sides.  That will open up an area where we can install a fenced in "on-deck" area for the sake of safety.
> Additional gym time may be obtained at the Boro Hall which we may use for additional open gyms, additional team practices, player clinics, coaches clinics, pitching practices, catching practices, etc, etc.
> Fleetwood may have enough girls for THREE 15U teams in 2016.  Discussion was had about alternatively splitting into a 14U and 16U team and moving those age groups to the Tri-County League instead of BCGSL.  It would mean more travel, but would allow our girls to play until they are 16.
> The 15U teams may attempt to raise money on their own next year to fund "fancier" jerseys than what we typically wear.  The cost differential between what we buy now ($20) and some very impressive looking jerseys with names on the back isn't as much as you might think.

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