FGSA Newsletter, 2/21/2013

8U and 10U girls will be in the 5th/6th Grade Gym, 9am-10:30am.
12U and 14U girls will be in the 7th/8th Grade Gym at 9am-10:30am.
Pitchers/Catchers of all ages will then be in the 5th/6th Grade Gym @ 10:30am.
And parents should take the time to check in at our Information Desk to verify the following information...
> Have you picked up your Lotto Calendars?
> Have you paid for your Lotto Calendars?
> Have you submitted your daughter's birth certificate?
> Have you submitted your Criminal Record and Child Abuse Clearances?
> Are you going to the Reading Phillies game?  How many tickets do you want?
> Have you paid for your Reading Phillies tickets?
We have had a serious bottle-neck just before Open Gym starts as girls are all trying to sign in at the same time.  Instead of re-writing the same thing every week, I've created a list of all of the girls.  All you have to do is put an "X" or a check-mark next to your daughters name, and away she goes!  This should save a LOT of time.
The 2 new pitching mats have arrived, and will be available at the Open Gym this week.
The FGSA Website is officially up and running.  We now have our own domain name:  FleetwoodGirlsSoftball.org.  Thanks to the FGSA Webmaster, Joe Calamita, for doing a fantastic job in designing it, getting it up and running and keeping it going.
Kevin and I attended the Berks County Girls Softball League Meeting this evening (Thu 2/21).  Here are the key take-aways as I remember them...
    The next meeting on 3/21 is mandatory for all coaches 8U, 10U and 12U.  Each team should have at least 1 representative at this meeting to review rules, and get ready for the scheduling.
    The meeting on 4/04 is mandatory for all coaches 8U, 10U and 12U as well.  This is the meeting they call the "Scheduling Melee".  This seem pretty late in the game to me to finalize the schedules but I guess this is how they've always done it.  In short, we won't know when our games are until 4/04 at the earliest.
    Earliest game for 8U/10U/12U is 4/19.  Earliest game for 14U is 6/2.

    Latest game for 8U/10U/12U is 6/02.
    Play-offs for 8U/10U/12U will start as early as 6/03 and end on 6/8 or 6/9.
    Kevin and I volunteered Fleetwood to host either the A-team or B-team play-offs.  We told them we didn't have a preference.  The 10A and 12A teams will play at one location.  The 10B and 12B teams will play at another.
    Umpires went up a little this year.  They are $40 per ump if 1 ump works a game (10U) and $37 per ump if 2 umps work a game together (12U).
    The BCGSL is going to attempt to pull together a 10U and 12U tournament all-star team for summer.  The idea is to start small and pick 2 or 3 tournaments in June/July.  Try-outs for the team would be done by non-affiliated evaluators in May.  Each team would have roughly 13 girls, so considering there are about 13 associations in the BCGSL, each team will average only 1 girl on this all-star team.  Some associations may have none depending on talent-levels.  Girls interested would know the tourny dates in advance and have to commit to being available (obviously).  They are hoping to get sponsors to cover all costs, but there's a chance each girl may need to invest roughly $150 to play to pay for expenses (including a uniform.)
Any questions...
Email me:  YourPalCM@aol.com
Or Call:  484-256-8340
Or come to the Open Gym on Sat 2/23 between 9am and 11:30am.
Chris Malinowski
FGSA VP (of Awesomeness)

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