FGSA Newsletter, 3/28/2013

(1) THE LAST OPEN GYM OF 2013: SAT 3/30!
This is the last open gym of 2013.  So not only is this the last time for your daughter to get warmed up before outdoor practices start, this is also the last easy opportunity for you to take care of calendars, birth certificates, uniforms, etc.
8U and 10U girls will be in the 5th/6th Grade Gym, 9am-10:30am.
12U and 14U girls will be in the 7th/8th Grade Gym at 9am-10:30am.
Pitchers/Catchers of all ages will then be in the 5th/6th Grade Gym @ 10:30am.
The following girls still need to pick up their uniform purchases...
Erin Foley
Sarah Joiner
Catherine Muzopappa
Melanie Sellers
We up to 83 tickets sold and 21 different Lady Tigers attending.  There's still time to sign up.  If you want to attend, please let me know!  Here's what I got so far...
Emilie Bartosh (3) - PAID
Katalia Cirulli (5) - PAID
Tiffany Cornman (4) - PAID
Sienna Cowley (3) - PAID
Chaera Frederick (5) <-- UNPAID
Mackenzie Frey (4) - PAID
Mackenzie Hartman (2) <-- UNPAID
Kelsey Hemmig (6) - PAID
McKenna Kessler (4) - PAID
Hannah Kutz (6) - PAID
Carlen Lazar (5) - PAID
Jolie Malinowski (3) - PAID
Kira McKeever-Fix (4)
Autumn Moser (4) - PAID
Kylee Paules (4) - PAID
Ashley Pelehowski (3) - PAID
Kylie Schroeder (4) <-- UNPAID
Danielle Siteman (2) - PAID
Bret Spayd (2) - PAID
Alexis Templin (3) - PAID
Aliyah/Kayla Tilotta (7) - PAID
Lotto Calendars start in April, so there's less than 2 weeks to get them distributed and paid for.
To date there are still 5 of 79 girls (6%) have not picked up calendars...
Kyley Agostinelli
Sarah Joiner
Catherine Muzopappa
Taylor Reed
Evelyn Reed-Roland

Also, 5 of 79 girls (6%) have not PAID for their calendars...
Alexia Bender
Sarah Joiner
Catherine Muzopappa
Evelyn Reed-Roland
Melanie Sellers
19 of 79 girls (24%) still have not submitted their birth certificates.  Still waiting on the following...
Kyley Agostinelli
Adrianna Biondo
Tiffany Cornman
Allison Faust
Tahner Gehringer
Mackenzie Hartman
Veda Hartman
Sarah Joiner
Abby Kasperowicz
Jessica Kopycienski
Nicole Kopycienski
Catherine Letterman
Christine Letterman
Autumn Moser
Catherine Muzopappa
Emily Pinnix
Samantha Pinnix
Evelyn Reed-Roland
Leah Wilson
39 parents said that they were willing to coach, assistant coach or be a "parent helper."  All of these people need to submit Criminal Background Check and Child Abuse Clearances.  We're still waiting on info from parents of the following 22 girls (59%)...
Kyley Agostinelli
Adrianna Biondo
Katalia Cirulli
Sarah Davenport
Grace Davies
Sarah Fisher
Kira McKeever-Fix (Rcvd Criminal Background Check; still need Child Abuse Clearance)
Erin Foley
Tahner Gehringer
Mackenzie Hart
Mackenzie Hartman
McKenna Kessler
Catherine & Christine Letterman
Logan Mark
Autumn Moser
Kamille Orth
Kylee Paules
Emily & Sam Pinnix
Kaitlyn Pytleski
Kylie Schroeder
Kelsie Toucher (Rcvd Criminal Background Check; still need Child Abuse Clearance)
All coaches in the FGSA are being required to take concussion training, and cardiac arrest training.  These are two serious issues often misunderstood in general.  Knowing the symptoms and knowing how to treat them is paramount.  The following coaches and assistant coaches still need to take this training...
Nicole McKeever-Fix
Heather Hartman
Jen Schroeder
Harry Reed (Completed Concussion training, still need Cardiac Arrest)
Jim Frederick

Steve Oross
Jill Birckbichler (Completed Cardiac Arrest training, still need Concussion)
Any questions...
Email me:  YourPalCM@aol.com
Or Call:  484-256-8340
Or come to the Open Gym on Sat 3/16 between 9am and noon.
Chris Malinowski
FGSA VP (of Awesomeness)

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