FGSA Newsletter, 4/24/2013



We have asked Riddell to open up the Fleetwood on-line store for an extra 2 weeks.  Those who ordered items the first 2 weeks, your order will ship shortly.  But if you didn't get in on time during the first round, or if you decide you'd like to buy even more, you have another 2 weeks to do so...





All of the details will follow, but I wanted to get this out there so you can mark it on your calendars.  Monday, June 3rd will be FGSA Rita's Night at the Rita's in Maidencreek Township.  This is my dream come-true as I always dreamed of serving Italian Ice at a Rita's.

Check out our google calendar of all the games on the Teams page on our website.. http://www.fleetwoodgirlssoftball.com/teams .  Come out and enjoy an evening of softball (and Walking Taco's from our concession stand)!

Finally, don't forget... if you are ordering from Amazon.com, do a search through our webpage first.  The club gets credit for anything purchased by searching Amazon on our site!

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