FGSA Newsletter 5/26

8U-Red: (HOME, BFC): Fri 5/29, 6:15pm, Fleetwood 8U-Red @ Fleetwood 8U-Black **Last game of the season**
8U-Black: (HOME, BFC): Fri 5/29, 6:15pm, Fleetwood 8U-Red @ Fleetwood 8U-Black
8U-Black: Fleetwood 8U-Black @ Brandywine **Last game of the season**
10UB: Thu 5/28, 6:15pm, Fleetwood 10UB (8-3) @ Liberty (2-8) **Last regular season game of the year**
10UA: (finished regular season with a 10-1 record!)
12UB: Wed 5/27, 6:15pm, Fleetwood 12UB (5-3-2) @ Oley-White (3-6-1) **Last regular season game of the year**
12UA (HOME, BFC): Wed 5/27, 6:15pm, Reading (2-5) @ Fleetwood 12UA (1-9) **Last regular season game of the year**
10U/12U PLAY-OFFS - WEEK OF 6/01
BCGSL will use this coming weekend to work out the play-off details.  The play-offs will begin on Monday, 6/01.

Don't hold me to this since it could be different this year, but in 2014...
    > 10B and 12B had Round #1 on Mon, Round #2 on Wed and Round #3 on Fri.
    > 10A and 12A had Round #1 on Tue, and Round #2 on Thu.
Last year the # of teams at the A-levels was small enough that a Round #3 date wasn't necessary.
I will send out the official details as soon as I get them.
The 10UA and 12UA Championship Games will be Saturday, 6/06.  Again, don't hold me to this, but last year those games were at 3pm and 7pm.  As we've done in previous years, Fleetwood will be hosting these games at the Blandon Fire Company.  As a result we will need volunteers to run the concession stand.  It also would be nice to open up the announcer's booth if someone would like to do that as well.
The 10UB & 12UB play-offs will be Sunday, 6/07.  Details to come later.
Up to 16 families and 72 tickets!  You can still jump in to come to this event at any time.  The Reading Phillies are happy to take our money at any time, so there isn't a deadline.

Those who have already responded that you plan to attend are free to change your # of tickets up or down up until the day of the event.
Again, the date is 6/11.  $24/person, and includes tickets, all-you-can-eat buffet, fireworks after the game, and the girls on the field in uniform with the Phillies players during the National Anthem, and access to the pool throughout the game.

You don't need to pay right away. 
Here's who I have on the list...
Makayla Calamita (3)
Kaylee Fell (11)
Chaera Frederick (5)
Abigail & Sienna Geschwindt (4)
Steph Hegedus (2) - PAID
Kelsey & Paige Hemmig (8)
Emily Kantner (5)
Morgan Koehler (3)
Carlen Lazar (4)
Jolie Malinowski (4) - PAID
Tori Manmiller (3)
Emily Miller (2)
Alison Morehart (4)
Ashley Pelehowski (5) - PAID
Regan Prechtl (6)
Isabelle Santangelo (3)

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