FGSA Newsletter for July 13, 2015

There are only 2 more games left on the 15U regular season schedule...

15U-Red (HOME, BFC): Thu, 7/16, 6:15pm, Fleetwood 15U-Black (6-4) @ Fleetwood 15U-Red (6-5)
15U-Black (HOME, BFC): Thu, 7/16, 6:15pm, Fleetwood 15U-Black (6-4) @ Fleetwood 15U-Red (6-5)
15U-Black: Fri, 7/17, 6:15pm, Fleetwood 15U-Black (6-4) @ Schuylkill Valley (6-4)
Both of our 15U teams have really hit their stride after a sluggish start to the season.  BOTH teams have won 5 of their last 6 games, with 15U-Red's only loss in the last 6 games coming in a 1-run loss to 15U-Black.

15U Play-offs begin starting the week of 7/20.  Exact details are (for some reason) still not available.  But I'll keep everyone posted in case you'd like to come out to watch.
DEADLINE IS FAST APPROACHING!  WE WOULD LIKE TO HAVE A GOOD LIST OF WHO IS PLAYING BY THIS FRIDAY, 7/17/15.  We obviously won't turn anyone away after that, but it's important that we have a good head-count so we can figure out how many teams we'll have at each level.  The scheduling melee will be in early August, so we need to let BCGSL how many teams there are.  Additionally, most coaches start practicing in early August, so we need to get situated pretty soon.
Here's how registration looks so far...
8U/10U girls (24 girls)* ... (1) 8U team, (1) 10U team
Makayla Bowers
Kaitlyn Chap
Kennly Chwatek
Katalia Cirulli
Grace Davies
Emma Dietrich
Ava Downs
Ayla Fenstermacher
Sienna Geschwindt
Paige Hemmig
Alyssa Jones
Olivia Jones
Kylie Krauss
Caida Lipovsky
Emily Miller
Gabriella Moyer
Leandra Moyer
Keira Perkins
Regan Prechtl
Kaitlyn Pytleski
Isabelle Santangelo
Taryn Seidel
Alyssa Seyler
Juliana Templin
Haley Wojciechowski
* There are a bunch of girls who played 8U in the Spring who indicated they want to play up in the Fall.  Just a heads-up that it looks like that isn't going to be possible for everyone.  So that we have a fairly even number of girls between 8U and 10U, FGSA will have to keep a some girls at 8U.
12U girls (23 girls) ... (2) teams
Ashley Adam
Emilie Bartosh
Megan Brattley
Sarah Davenport
Lillian Davidheiser
Kaylee Fell
Erin Foley
Tahner Gehringer
Abigail McWhorter
Mackenzie Miller
Alexia Moliatu
Alison Morehart
Autumn Moser
Taylor Pavlick
Ashley Robuck
Bret Spayd (*part-time only*)
Abby Stump
Katie Stump
Mackenzie Stump
Alexis Templin
Aliyah Tilotta
Amaris Torres
Jenna Tregear
Alyson Witman
15U girls (18 girls) ... hopefully (2) teams
Allison Brattley
Makayla Calamita
Sienna Cowley
Chaera Frederick
Mackenzie Hart
Emily Kantner
McKenna Kessler
Anna Koehle
Hannah Kutz
Carlen Lazar
Jolie Malinowski
Victoria Manmiller
Madison McElwee
Kylee Paules
Ashley Pelehowski
Evelyn Reed-Roland
Lydia Santiago 
Bret Spayd (*part-time only*)
Kayla Tilotta
Our Rita's fund raiser drew a major crowd (mostly because who doesn't want to be served ice cream from Steve Smith.  I know it's always been a dream of mine.)  We made $300 on the night which isn't bad for a very easy 3 dollars.  Thank you to all of the coaches, parents and kids who came out to help, and buy ice cream to support this great organization.
Sat 8/22, 1:15pm, FGSA 2nd Annual Golf Outing @ Rich Maiden Golf Course
Thu 8/27, FGSA 1st Annual Night at the Fleetwood Pool
Sat 8/29, FGSA 2nd Annual Night at the Movies (right on our home field at BFC!)
Sat 9/26, 3rd Annual Coaches vs. Kids Fundraiser (Wounded Warriors)
Over the last 3 years there has been very little support in raising money for FGSA to keep costs down. Even the recent Rita's event which was small and easy required begging just to get a few people to help out. The present FGSA board (and the same handful of people who step up to help over and over and over again) has worked extremely hard to keep fees down to maintain FGSA as the biggest bargain youth sports in our area. 
Unfortunately, we can't keep going on like this without people chipping in to help raise the money. My personal opinion is that the census as a whole has made it clear that 90% of you are not interested in contributing to fund raising efforts, which is perfectly OK since there's no signed contract saying that you must contribute. (Even most of the people who checked off "Fund Raising Committee" on their registration forms were not heard from throughout the year.)  However, without the help to raise money through fund raisers, we can't continue to charge such a low registration fee for the 10U, 12U and 15U levels.  (I suspect we'd keep 8U the same since 8U level expenses are relatively small.)
Because it's been such a challenge to get people to help out, we may not have a choice but to raise our fees for 2016 instead of having fund raisers. It's not fair that 10% of the FGSA census contributes in the fund raising efforts to support low fees for the other 90%.

There is hope, however, that we can keep the costs down.  Since my similar plea on FaceBook, Eric Robuck and Steve Adam have stepped up to form a new Fund Raising Committee.  They have some ideas that may allow us to continue as we have been (low costs bus minus the need for me to constantly be begging for help.)

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