Important info for Coach vs Kids fundraiser...

Please have the girls who are participating arrive between 11-11:30 to check in.

There will be games (like last year -- just no competition) something to keep them busy while we get all the names and teams set up.

At approximately 11:45 we will start asking the kids to get together and we will tell them what to do for the soldier/veteran ceremony.

My hopes is that by noon we can start the ceremony... Which will include having the veteran stand on home plate while his name and branch is called out. Then walk down the third base line to received high fives from the kids and hopefully clapping from the coaches and those watching.

Star-Spangled Banner will play. Then the coaches (on first base line) will walk to veterans and soldiers and shake their hands. Then give the girls high fives and the game starts.  We are asking veterans/soldiers to play along side of the kids. You do not have to... And you may not be able and that is okay.

Expecting the game to start around 12:15.

8u/10u first
Then 15u

Then we were thinking veterans/soldiers can play a innings against the coaches.

Participation certificates and ribbon will be given out at end of game.

Oh and one more thing... Concession stand will be open. I will do my best to not have you working while your kid is playing.

Also bring MONEY!  Lots of great baskets up for auction this year!!!

Gretchen Manmiller

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