Join the FGSA on the Homecoming Float Friday, Oct 3rd

Friday is the annual Fleetwood Home Coming Parade. Please come and join us on our two floats. Parents and past/present  players are welcome.

Players please wear your jersey or FGSA spirit wear. Parents can wear spirit wear or something red. If you want to wear a crazy hat you can do that as well.


Show-up location: FAHS parking lot (no parking in HS lot, floats and parade related items allowed in lot.)

Show-up time: 4:45pm

Parade start: 5:30pm

Parade end time: 6:30pm

Pick-up location: FAHS parking lot.

Pick-up time: 6:45pm


1.    No joining the floats after parade has started. No leaving the parade during the procession. Once you start, you are in it till the end.

2.    No jumping from float to float. Pick one and stay there for the duration. You can decide to walk, but you must return to the same float.

3.    Entering and exiting floats must be assisted by an adult.

4.    Candy to throw into the crowds will be provided. No foreign substances please. Throwing of fireworks, eggs, hand grenades, or fecal matter will not be tolerated.

5.    Kids will not be dismissed from floats unless we have visual confirmation that a parental unit is on site to retrieve them. Older kids will be dismissed without parental unit only with a signed note.

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