News for Week of Oct 25th

In an effort to help us find more ways to improve FGSA has issued a 23-question survey to all parents of girls who play for FGSA this Fall.  Our hope is that we can both provide our coaches with confirmation that we're on the right track, and also uncover any deficiencies that we may not have otherwise known we had.  Our intent will be to continue doing this going forward at the conclusion of each season.

Please complete the survey by the end of November!
Here's a great Christmas present idea: FGSA Spiritwear!  Check it out at the link below.  They have just about anything you can think of, and hundreds of different designs.  You can even customize the text.
Wait...didn't Fall Ball just end?  Open gyms are right around the corner...but we have some exciting news!  We're opening up some additional opportunities.  We've reserved the gym at the Boro Hall on a number of Friday nights to supplement the Saturday morning practices that will begin in January.

Saturday mornings will generally remain our standard Open Gym.  But we'll be able to use some Fridays at the Boro Hall for Open Gym when the Middle School gym is not available Saturday morning.
We may also use some Friday nights as the weekly standard "Open Gym," and then use Saturday mornings for Pitching/Catching.  (This would allow girls who can't make Saturday mornings due to playing other sports to come on Friday night occasionally.)
We may use Friday nights as an "extra" come and do whatever you want to do, free-for-all kind of night.
We may use Friday nights for a special guests - maybe an external hitting coach paid for by FGSA, throwing coach, running coach, sport psychiatrist, etc, etc.
We're kicking around all kinds of idea, but may just mix things up and issue a schedule where you get to pick the things you want to take part in.

We have the Boro Hall gym reserve on Fri 12/4, Fri 12/11 and Fri 12/18.  So it will be here before you know it.
Just a reminder that composite bats don't fair very well in cold weather.  I've seen more than one bat actually break in half over the years.  It's fine in your car in the cold if you aren't planning on using it.  But don't keep it in your car in the cold for long periods just before you plan to hit with it.  Before open gyms, you should bring it inside overnight just to be safe.

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