Open Gym Reminder & Batting cage usage

Parents of girls eligible for 12U and 15U,
Just a reminder that this Saturday's normally scheduled Open Gym, 1/17, will be the same times as last week...
6U/8U/10U from Noon to 1:30
Pitchers/Catchers from 1:30 to 2:30
12U/15U from 2:30 to 4:00
HOWEVER, we also have rented out the high-school auxiliary gym where the high school has their "batting cage."  It is available from 12-noon to 3:00pm.
Mike Lazar (and a helper to be named) will have our new pitching machine set up there in the cage for 12U and 15U girls to take some real batting practice.  We will also have a tee and a net set up over there for girls to warm up and do some tee-work while waiting to use the cage.
If you're interested in using the cage, you must first report to the middle school gym to sign in.  We'll then send girls over to the high school auxiliary gym in groups of 4.  As a group of 4 finishes in the cage, they will be sent back over to the middle school gym to get another group of 4 girls.  This will repeat itself continuously until 3pm.  It is perfectly fine if girls make multiple trips to the Auxiliary Gym.
The new pitching machine can be fed regular balls, so no one needs to worry about damaging their regular bat as a result of the pitching machine balls.
Chris Mal
VP of Exciting Opportunities

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