Open Gym Schedule

Here is the open gym schedule for Saturday's in the month of January.  We will be back to early morning schedule in February...

6U, 8U and 10U – 12noon till 1:30PM in the 5/6 gym of the Fleetwood Middle School

Pitchers & Catchers (all ages)-1:30PM to 2:30PM in the 5/6 gym of the Fleetwood Middle School

12U - 2:30PM till 4:00PM in the 5/6 gym of the Fleetwood Middle School

15U - 2:00PM till 4:00PM in the 7/8 gym of the Fleetwood Middle School
Remember, you can also register for the Spring softball season from noon until about 3p each of these Saturdays.  To print out the Registration form, just go to our website... 

Registration Update as of 1/12/15...

6U - 1 girl registered
Sophie Toucher
8U - 3 girls registered
Kaitlyn Chap
Onika Kline
Taryn Seidel
10U - 5 girls registered
Tiffany Cornman
Ashley Robuck
Kelsie Toucher 
Jenna Tregear
Haley Wojciechowski
12U - 7 girls registered
Kaylee Fell
Tahner Jo Gehringer
Mackenzie Miller
Taylor Pavlick
Ashley Pelehowski
Bret Spayd
Amaris Torres
15U - 11 girls registered
Courtney Birckbichler
Makayla Calamita
Chaera Frederick
Stephanie Hegedus
McKenna Kessler
Hannah Kutz
Jolie Malinowski
Victoria Manmiller
Kylee Paules
Ashley Pelehowski
Evelyn Reed-Roland

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