Outdoor movie night is coming!

It's official! Mark your calendars! Friday, 8/23/13 will be the 1st Annual FGSA Night at the Movies held right on our home field at the Blandon Fire Company. (aka Softballtown)

The pre-movie bonus (it's a secret) will begin at 8pm. The movie itself will be played soon after that around 8:30pm. We'll open the concession stand around 7pm so if you'd like to show up early to grab something to eat before the movie or have the kids play around on the field, feel free.

What's the movie? Well that's going to be up to the majority. I've created an on-line survey located here...

And here's some exciting news! The entire event is being funded by 31 thanks to Gretchen Manmiller. Please support 31 since 31 has done a lot to support the FGSA!


Chris Mal

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