Registration information for Spring/Summer 2016 Softball!

Yes, I know, the Fall season just ended, but believe it or not our Winter Open Gym practices are just around the corner.  (In fact, I will be sending out exciting news about Open Gyms shortly.)  And that means it's time to start thinking about 2016 Registration.
HERE IS THIS YEAR'S REGISTRATION FORM (Also available on the registration page of the website).  Please complete it at your leisure.  (But the earlier you get it in, the easier my life is...hint, hint.)  Once you've completed it, you have 3 options...
> Bring it to any of our Open Gym practices
> Place it in the mail to my address (which is at the top of each page of the form)
> Save yourself a stamp and drop it off in my mailbox
There are some important changes the registration for 2016:
We tried unsuccessfully to put a 6U team together last year.  Our failure was our fault, really.  We didn't advertise enough, and our cost was significantly more than FABA's T-ball program.  We're going to try again this Spring, and expect to be much more successful in making it happen.
6U girls will only be required to purchase a jersey.  All other uniform parts are optional.
In the past every girl was charged a $40 registration fee regardless of her age.  With the upper level girls now going to tournaments, and the fact that the upper levels are now using 2 umpires (double the cost), with 6U and 8U not using umpires at all, it doesn't make sense for all girls of all ages to be paying the same amount.  In addition, costs for everything have gone up significantly over the years and we haven't adjusted our fees in a long time.  So this will be the registration costs for each level:
6U = Free
8U = $35
10U = $50
12U = $60
15U = $75
In the past each girl was expected to sell (2) $20 Lotto Calendars.  Again, as noted above, cost of running the association continue to climb.  Our expenses were about $3000 more than we brought in each of the last 2 years.  We can't keep losing money each year, obviously.  So starting 2016, in addition to the registration fee changes, each girl will be expected to purchase or sell (3) $20 Calendars.
Although costs have gone up, someone had a great idea to give everyone an opportunity to offset those costs (thank you, Jon Chwatek!)  If you would like to sell MORE than (3) calendars, each additional calendar you sell will take $10 off of your registration fee.
So, for example, if your daughter is at 10U (Registration = $50), and you sell THREE additional calendars, for a total of 6 calendars, your registration fee will be just $20 instead of $50.  If your 10U daughter sells 5 or more extra calendars, your registration will be FREE.
I am hoping to lead an effort to see our 15U girls in "fancier" jerseys with names on the back.  There's essentially a survey question on the registration form just for me to judge interest.  If most people wouldn't mind the additional expense, we'll do it.  If there's a lot of opposition, we won't.

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